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(Pocket-lint) - A football simulator game is about to hit stores that lets PC gamers control the antics of players both on and off the pitch. Be it attending that new nightclub or going home with the wrong woman, the decisions you make in Lords of Football will have a direct effect on match day performance.

Despite being paid thousands of pounds a week, a Premier League match only takes up a small percentage of a footballer’s time. The rest (we imagine) is spent driving fast cars, drinking champagne and taking out another super injunction - aspects game developer Geniaware has touched on in Lords of Football.

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“Pushing the limits of acceptable behaviour from players is a feature we’re really proud of in Lords of Football," says Sean Griffiths, development director at Geniaware.

“If you don’t keep on top of a player’s night time endeavours, they have the potential to go off the rails. It’s your job to manage the team, but also to manage their egos. Nothing comes as close to simulating the highs of on-the pitch action and the headaches of off-the-pitch indiscretions as Lords of Football.”

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Former Italian international and Premier League superstar footballer Gianluca Vialli has advised Geniaware, so we assume the game will give us a realistic insight into what a footballer’s life is really like. Warts and all.

Geniaware has said Lords of Football will be available on the PC "soon".

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