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(Pocket-lint) - OUYA, the Android console that's raised more than $7.5 million on Kickstarter, will be able to play a wide variety of audio and video files by launch in March 2013, turning it into a fully rounded entertainment device, not just a games machine.

The partners behind the project are working with the team at XBMC to port its open-source media player over to the platform, and anybody who's aware of the multimedia jukebox will know exactly what it brings to the table. Unlike the PS3 and Xbox 360, an XBMC tie-in will nigh-on guarantee that OUYA will be able to play just about every media file type in existence. And in Full HD, to boot.


"We are delighted to announce that XBMC will be working with OUYA to ensure that XBMC works well on the OUYA platform," said Nathan Betzen, XBMC community manager. "OUYA's Android underpinnings and XBMC's work on Android (soon to be merged into master, pending final sign-offs!) will dramatically speed up that effort, as will early XBMC dev access to OUYA prototypes.

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"The conversation between our two teams is young, but talk is ongoing and positive. We look forward to providing more exciting news on this front as it develops."

OUYA's Kickstarter fundraising finishes tomorrow (9 August) with a staggering $7,614,377 (almost £5 million) raised to date. That's $6,664,377 more than the company required to make the project a reality. It has been incredibly well received, and for good reason.

The idea of an open source gaming platform that can play just about every Android game available on Google Play (and more) is an exciting one. And with games such as Dead Trigger pushing the envelope of what is possible on the platform, the Tegra 3 quad-core processor-powered Full HD OUYA console could give Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo executives sleepless nights. Especially at $99 (£63).

What do you think of OUYA? Will you be buying one when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.