The iPhone is becoming a bit of a treasure trove of gaming classics. From as little as 69p you can re-live those day-long gaming sessions ending with you dying just before reaching the final boss. Or even enjoy a horrific gaming headache brought on by too much time spent in front of flashing 8-bit graphics.

Next to claim the prize in the pain podium is the truly iconic Spy vs Spy. One of the best games ever to be played on the likes of the Atari. It has a nice little revamp for iOS. So how does it handle?

Spy vs Spy

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Before we start, let's just get this one out the way. The control schemes for Spy vs Spy could be better. Don't forget though that the original was a nightmare to control as well. Just expect your spy to be doing all sorts of irritating things, especially like walking through doors when you don't want him too.

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The game can be played in two different forms, either as a retro app or in modern mode. We prefer the latter just for that authentic feel, although the modern-look game is just as good. Retina graphics are definitely a nice touch, as is the online multiplayer which turns Spy vs Spy into an incredibly addictive little app.

Playing the original game with friends was always how it was best played and this time round it's just as good. Sixteen new levels and an in-depth tutorial complete the 69p package.

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As fun goes, this game has been all the way to Fun House, combed Pat Sharp's hair and still had time to race the go-kart around it. This is truly one of the best apps to download on the store right now if you are after some pick-up-and-play fun. We aren't so keen on the remixes of the original song though. Keep it retro!

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