Urinals up and down the country are set to be fitted with a new game that sees participants control the action via their pee. Yes, you did read that correctly, we said “pee”.

Bringing new meaning to the term water sports, the 100ml Dash is being rolled out in the lead up to London 2012, but rather than provide a urine sample after the race, contestants will need to take aim and try to hit targets positioned in the urinal with their stream.

100ml dash game coming to a urinal near you image 2

The more accurate the aim, the faster the virtual character will run on the screen positioned above the urinal. The fastest competitors will have their results displayed on a leader board bringing a competitive edge to proceedings. For winners, there's a choice of celebrations, from the modest bowing to the crowd, to the more extreme hip thrusting at fellow competitors.

Though you’ll need to spend a penny (get it?), the game is free, with developer Captive Media using the platform to provide advertising opportunities before, after and during the game.

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