A Kickstarter company which has already well reached its target is hoping to revolutionise the way in which we play video games. 

OUYA is an open-source platform that runs on Android 4.0. All games can be tested for free, though full versions may cost depending on the developer. Games are streamed directly to an HD TV from the OUYA box that features a Tegra 3 Quad-core processor and should cost around the $99 mark.

There’s even an old-school-style game controller – it reminds us of the N64 model – that features, a trigger, buttons, analogue sticks, D-pad and a track pad.

Developers are being invited to create new titles for the OUYA, and the fact it is built on Android should help ensure any dev stumbling blocks are kept to a minimum. 

The team behind the OUYA project has already raised close to $3 million (at the time of writing), but if you wish to show them some more support, you can pledge your donation by clicking here.

Do you think the concept behind OUYA is the future of gaming? Let us know what you think.