Stick Sports, the company behind the hugely successful online, iOS and Android game Stick Cricket and iOS favourite Stick Cricket Super Sixes, has released its Stick Tennis follow-up to coincide with the start of Wimbledon.

Cunningly simple in concept, as the game moves your tennis player around for you, Stick Tennis is now available as a free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes store. It differs from the online Flash version because you use a sequence of swipes which determine where the ball will go.

These, combined with pin-point timing, keep the game flowing quickly, while the graphics stay true to Stick Sports' trademark caricature-based house style. And there are plenty of modes to choose from.

The free version allows you to play a set against increasingly more skilled "players from your tennis club", while training you on the timings for serving and returning the ball. There's also a daily challenge open to you from the off.

World Domination, a game mode where you get to take on the globe's greatest tennis legends - and Tim Henman - will need to be unlocked through an in-app purchase of £1.99, however. At least, if you want to play on beyond the initial four matches.

The Slams - tournaments based on real-life Grand Slams, such as Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open - are also only available through in-app purchases (69p each), but offer greater challenges from the get go.

"Stick Tennis, combines simplistic game play, speed and depth, making it appeal to both casual and hard-core gamers. If you like Stick Cricket, you’ll love Stick Tennis," says Stick Sports managing director Paul Collins.

We certainly do.

UPDATE Pocket-lint has just been told that an Android version is in the pipeline. It should be available in the "next few weeks".

There will also be an Android version of Stick Cricket Super Sixes, but Stick Tennis is more likely to come out first.

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