You can probably tell by the name of this game alone that it's as crazy as it sounds.

Created by the same developers as Flick Football on behalf of Adult Swim, the game is best described as a crazy Japanese version of Jenga, but that doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Monsters Ate My Condo

iPad, iPhone (version tested), iPod touch, Android
iTunes / Google Play

Monsters Ate My Condo is a fun and somewhat addictive game that has two different types of gameplay: endless mode and time attack. The games are the same apart from one having an end to it, while the other doesn’t.

Whichever game mode you choose, what we can guarantee is a colourful experience for the following two to maybe 10 minutes.

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The idea is very much like Tetris. Different-coloured “Condos” fall from the sky and you have to match three or more to wipe them out. The Tetris reference comes into play because if you don’t match the falling blocks your tower gets too high and it's game over.

To make it possible to get rid of blocks that don’t match you get to use your Jenga skills and swipe away the blocks you don’t want. Sounds easy enough, but remember this game plays homage to crazy Japanese game animation and so rather than just being able to discard the unwanted coloured condos there are monsters sitting either side of your tower of condos ready to enjoy what you toss out.

To make matters worse if you discard too many condos that aren’t the same colour as the monster standing to the right or left they get agitated. to say the least, and cause you problems.

That principle grasped you can play this unfortunately situation to your advantage and reward the monsters with special treats, which you earn by matching combos together.

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Three condos make a brass symbol, three of those make silver, then gold, then diamond and so forth with each reward giving you special treats, depending on the monster and the medal you’ve achieved.

The special treats range from straightening your tower (if it falls over it's game over) to slowing down the cascade of falling condos so you have time to think.

If that sounds bonkers, that’s because it is and you only have to add in a crazy soundtrack, the urge to get as far as you can, and a sense of Japan to make this highly enjoyable even if for the most part you don’t really know what is going on.

And if you are wondering what happens if you just keep swiping without gunning for the combo moves, the game becomes very tiresome and you don’t really progress anywhere.

If at first you don’t really understand, smile and carry on playing. By the end of your 20-minute session, not only will you realise that you really like this game, but you will also have to tell all those around you that it’s as mad as it sounds.

Great fun.