It’s already been receiving rave reviews since being unveiled at E3, but might Nintendo need to share the love for split-screen shoot-em up ZombiU

ZombiU is one of the main games Nintendo is shouting about for its new Wii U gaming console. However, according to IGN, Ubisoft, the creators of the zombie-themed game, hasn’t ruled out making it available on other platforms.

"ZombiU at its core was designed to be a great Wii U game and in order to make that work on other platforms, they would have to change a lot of what makes the game cool," said Tony Key, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft.

"And I’m not saying that can’t be done, but not in the next six months, you know?”

So any such cross-platform to the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass technology or even possibly the cross-talk on Sony’s PS3 and Vita won’t happen until at least 2013 then.

We here at Pocket-lint have doubts as to if it will ever happen, as without the Wii U GamePad, which is so integral to the ZombiU experience, it’s effectively just another zombie game.

As Key says, a lot would have to change in order for it to happen.

Do you think ZombiU would work on other platforms? Let us know what you think.