Gaming accessory company Nyko has come to the aid of Android gamers looking to improve their Android gaming skills, with a Bluetooth gaming controller called the PlayPad Pro.

The new gadget - which works in a similar way to the Gametel device we saw in 2011 - features dual analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons and shoulder bumpers and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet for a console-style control experience.

Nyko’s accompanying Playground app will offer backwards compatibility for other Android games and a variety of button-mapping features, including a customised controller layout, the company says.

nyko playpad pro and playpad controllers enhance android gaming image 2

For those not looking for something so "professional" the company is also offering a more pocket-friendly device called the PlayPad. It is a travel-sized tablet controller with dual analog sliders, and includes a collapsible tablet stand and carrying case.

Like the PlayPad Pro, the PlayPad controller includes Nyko’s Playground app and works with any Bluetooth-enabled device running Android 3.0 or higher.

Both the PlayPad Pro and PlayPad will be available in time for Christmas.