An app for the iPhone and iPad is letting you relive the sound of the ZX Spectrum, 30 years after it went on sale - so you can re-imagine the noise on your tablet.

ZX Plectrum as it's called (see what they did there) has gone free to celebrate the 30th Birthday of the classic British computer and is available to download now. 

iPad and iPhone users brave enough to download the app will get the chance to tap anywhere on the screen to make a noise akin to how the ZX Spectrum sounded when it loaded up a game or application - they weren't called apps then.

Pressing on the screen in different places changes the noise and the image on the screen and, yes, it is just as annoying as you'll remember it.

Still, we bet with a bit of practice you'll have the theme tune to Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy playing from your Apple device in no time.

One word of advice, just don't give it to the kids. Within three minutes they will drive you insane.