(Pocket-lint) - Super Meat Boy, the phenomenally difficult but incredibly addictive platform game for PC, Xbox 360 and Mac, is coming to iOS and other touchscreen platforms (believed to be Android, at least). However, rather than simply port the existing game, developer Team Meat is building a completely new version to better fit mobile devices.

"We have been playing with the idea of porting SMB to the iPhone for some time," says Team Meat in a posting on its official blog.

"Sadly, there was no way of doing this without the game becoming a pile of garbage. Super Meat Boy is a twitch platformer with precision controls, there was no way in hell this would work on a touchscreen with buttons all over it. Super Meat Boy isn't a game we want to make a sub-par version of just to cash in... So, we decided to totally remake the whole game instead, from the ground up!"

The developer goes on to say that the new version, Super Meat Boy: The Game, is being specifically designed to work with touch controls. What it isn't creating is "a shitty port of an existing game with non-tactile buttons spread all over the screen blocking the players view and making for frustrating controls".

Die-hard fans are also warned that the final iOS/other platforms platform game (ahem) will be missing some aspects of the original, but it will feature entirely new art.

There's no date on the game's release as of yet, but we can't wait.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.