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(Pocket-lint) - Both of the GAME Group websites have re-opened today, as news for the UK retailer improves. Although it may have come too late to save the 277 stores closed by the administrators and the subsequent 2,104 job losses, it is believed that the troubled company is set to exit administration any day now - a buyer has been found.

The buyer in question is understood to be a consortium led by RBS (the Royal Bank of Scotland), the group's main creditor. And, although that throws up several new questions - such as "Wasn't it RBS that turned down Comet-owner OpCapita's bid just over a week ago?" and "If RBS had accepted OpCapita's bid, wouldn't the rest of the staff still have their jobs?" - a prospective end to the saga is in sight, with the restoration of GAME.co.uk and Gamestation.co.uk being the first step.

At present, not all of the features of the websites are completely up and running again. Customers still can't earn or spend Reward Card credit. Nor can they use their outstanding Gift Cards.

However, it is now being reported that, with a new buyer in place, GAME Gift Cards may well be accepted in stores once more.

It is unclear at present how this will affect the redundancy payments to the thousand of ex-GAME and Gamestation employees, including the Irish protesters.

Are you happy to see GAME on its way out of administration? Is the publicly-owned RBS the right backer? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.