Yeah, GTA V is on the horizon. And yeah, it's graphics may well be the most life-like yet, but are they going to be as lifelike as this fan film made by ElectRoulette?

The group -which is behind a collection of game and technology-inspired videos, including Fanboys Warfare [BF3 vs MW3], Siri Psycho and Nyan Cat: Infection - has explored what GTA might look like in first-person mode and real-life.

We especially like the "mission passed" section and outrageous banana abuse.

Silliness aside, adding first person to the GTA series for other action outside of car driving or taking rides in taxis is a great idea. Indeed, PC owners have been able to download a first-person mode for GTA IV for almost three years, although many complain that it makes combat next to impossible.

If you do have the PC version of GTA IV, we recommend you give it a whirl yourself. It's not a simple process to install, however, so one for the more dedicated, perhaps.

Would you like to see first person added to GTA V? Or should the traditional third person perspective remain untouched? Let us know in the comments below...

Thanks for the tip Michael.