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(Pocket-lint) - Retro games distributer Blaze Europe has confirmed that it will be bringing the much rumoured Neo Geo X handheld games console to the UK in Q2 this year. Pocket-lint already brought you news that Japanese games company SNK was planning on releasing an iPhone 4-looking device, after pictures of the device were leaked back in January. Now it's actually happening.

The new console will come with 20 licensed games from the Neo Geo's history already built-in and feature a 3.5-inch screen, SD card slot and an AV output to play on a TV. However, it is expected to be pricey, with some believing that the Neo Geo X could even weigh in at around £500.

That comes as no surprise to those who owned and invested in the original Neo Geo home console and its games back in the early Nineties. As each title was, essentially, an arcade board in a massive cartridge, games often cost anywhere from £150 each.

The pre-installed titles will include some of our faves, such as Fatal Fury, King of the Monsters, Metal Slug and The King of Fighters '94 and, to be honest, we can't wait to get our hands on one. Of course, some of the classic SNK Neo Geo games are also available on the PlayStation Store, including Metal Slug and Fatal Fury, and they work on a PSP or PlayStation Vita, so you could save yourself a bob or two.

However, hardcore fans may find the allure of owning genuine Neo Geo hardware too hard to resist.

Check out Blaze Europe's website for more information nearer launch.

The full list of Neo Geo X games:

- Art of Fighting

- Baseball Stars

- Cyber Lip

- Fatal Fury

- Fatal Fury Special

- Football Frenzy

- King of the Monsters

- Last Resort

- League Bowling

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- Magician Lord

- Metal Slug

- Mutation Nation

- Nam 1975

- Samurai Shodown

- Sengoku

- Super Sidekicks

- The King of Fighters ‘94

- The Ultimate 11

- Top Players Golf

- World Heroes

Will you be buying the new Neo Geo X? Do you have fond memories of the old games? Let us know in the comments below...

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