Angry Birds Space, the new adventure for the ill-tempered avian agitators, is coming on 22 March and to celebrate Rovio, in association with Samsung and the Galaxy Note, has filmed a demonstration video with NASA astronaut Don Pettit.

But he's not just standing in an office reading from a crib card on how good the new game will be, Rovio has him performing physics demonstrations using an Angry Bird plush toy in the International Space Station 264 nautical miles above Earth.

It's all impressive stuff. Impressive and, undoubtedly, expensive. And it gets us excited on the potential for Angry Birds Space, which adds weightlessness and gravitational pulls to pig-popping action. There's even a load of footage at the end.

The game comes out on 22 March, as previously mentioned, and will be available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Naturally, it will be a good fit for a Samsung Galaxy Note.