A man died at his work station in an internet cafe in Taipei, Taiwan, this week, but nobody noticed for up to nine hours. Twenty-three-year-old Chen Rong-yu checked in to play the multiplayer online game League of Legends on Tuesday night, but was found sitting "rigid on a chair with his hands stretched out towards the keyboard and mouse", said local police.

None of the other 30 people in the cafe noticed, although it is claimed he had been taking frequent nap breaks, so that could explain the inaction. His body was found by a female employee on Wednesday.

Police believe that Mr Chen may have suffered a heart attack brought on by low temperatures, and his family have confirmed that he had been treated for a heart complaint in September last year. They suspect an attack was brought on by a combination of tiredness, lack of movement and the cold.

Pic: Internet corner, Taoyuan airport, Taiwan (cc) shinyai