The massive success of the iCade iPad arcade cabinet has prompted manufacturer Ion Audio into adding to the range, including an iCade Core arcade style controller, the iCade Mobile controller case for iPhone and a mini version of the original, the iCade Jnr.

Almost identical, just miniaturised, the iCade Jnr works by linking to your iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth and is compatible with a rapidly growing range of games, which the company claims to number more than 200 at present.

The cabinet Pocket-lint got to see at CES in Las Vegas wasn't functional yet, being merely a mock-up, so we can't tell you what it plays like. But, considering the excellent response time and build quality of the original we're expecting big things from this, er, small thing.

Release date and pricing details for the iCade Jnr are not know at present, but we'll let you know as soon as we find out. Its bigger brother (which only came about after ThinkGeek created a dummy as an April Fool's joke initially) was £80 on launch, so we'd expect the dinkier version to be cheaper than that.