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(Pocket-lint) - We've had a great run of AOTD's this year and as we near the end of 2011, we thought we'd feature a cracking game, which is not only very pretty, but plays particularly nicely on the iPhone.

Potted from the older Xbox 360 title this game should while away a few peaceful hours whilst you prepare for the new year and also bring some light relief from any number of action titles you've been given/playing during the Christmas period.

Lumi for iPhone


Lumi for iPhone, on the face of it, is just another puzzle platformer mixing a little bit of grey matter usage with some basic use of the iPhone's touchscreen to propel your mouse-like creature around a world that stretches over ten levels.

app of the day lumi for iphone review image 1

However, there are numerous touches that set this apart from the overcrowded genre and make it worth the 69p download price: it is one of the prettiest games on the platform, nice colours and solid visuals bringing a feast for the eyes especially with the Retina Display; and its gameplay is simple and intuitive.

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Controls are, for the most part, a breeze as you fling Lumi from magnetic vortex to magnetic vortex in order to collect the fireflies that will bring light and enlightenment back to a world shrouded in darkness. Despite this simplicity, however, you'll need to practice in order to get Lumi moving just right as some of the fireflies can be tricky to reach.

app of the day lumi for iphone review image 2

There is also enough on show to keep the interest going as new challenges are introduced across the levels including little bug meanies and ever complex puzzling.

We have to say we are impressed with what's on show here, it won't be for everyone as it's a nice game to relax to and won't get the blood pumping like some other titles; but if you like pretty games with easy controls and addictive gameplay then you need look no further.

Saying that, you may want to look here... just in case.

Writing by Ben Crompton.