Remember, remember the fifth of November? No? Us neither - in fact (possibly due to hitting the Christmas sherry a trifle early) we don't really remember November at all. It's just like a hazy dream.

But, a quick look on Wikipedia tells us that November was the month that voters in Egypt went to the polls for the first round of voting in parliamentary elections despite violent protests, a month of flooding in Thailand and a month where Silvio Berlusconi finally resigned as Prime Minister of Italy to make way for an emergency government to address the country's economic crisis.

And, trawling through the Pocket-lint archives shows us that it was also a month that....

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Called the, tricky to say, Droid Xyboard over in the States, we Brits were obviously seemed too dim to be able to comprehend anything more vocally challenging than the Xoom 2. Oh, and the Xoom 2 Media Edition too, of course, the big sequel's little brother. Much less fanfare than the original, the Honeycomb fun landed just in time for the Christmas shoppers. Read More.

motorola xoom 2 and xoom 2 media edition now official image 1

We all know that David Cameron likes to chill out with his iPad and that Barack Obama likes to keep it real with a BlackBerry but over in Cannes for the sixth meeting of the G20 heads of government, the only official tech action was on Archos G9 tablets. The 10-inch 101 G9 tablet were given out to "the Heads of State and government members of G20 states, the delegation and the journalists attending the summit". Angry Birds is probably the reason we're still in a global economic mess. Read more.

cameron obama and co to be given archos g9 tablets at g20 summit image 1

Would it be set in fictional California or New York? Would old characters return? Would there be multiple playable characters? All these questions were whizzing through our minds before we saw the official teaser trailer for the fifth Grand Theft Auto instalment. The trailer answered only one of them though, which was a pooper. Looks cool though.  Read more.

The Iron Robot completed the race, inside his 168 hour objective as well. Actually, three robots did - but we're not calling foul play. It took a total of 166 hours and 56 minutes to complete the 230km triathlon challenge. Not exactly world record pace but Evolta is only about 6 inches tall, so give him a break. Read More.

panasonic evolta iron robot completes hawaii triathlon  image 1

RIM is reportedly struggling to shift regular priced BlackBerry smartphones. So why they thought a £2000 device was needed is anybody's guess. But that’s the amount of pocket money you’ll have to have saved up to afford the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 smartphone, which packs a stainless steel frame hewn from a single block of metal and has a hand-wrapped leather back. Read More.

And a budget friendly one to boot. The Karuma PlayBase came wrapped in a shock-absorbent silicone cover to prevent damage from drops and also protects against rain, spills, dirt, scratches and screen marks and packs some pretty nifty tech too, for less than £170. It won't survive a dip in the bath though, we can assure you of that. Read More.

karuma kid proof playbase tablet unleashed image 1

iOS 5 is a serial battery killer. That was the general consensus of fanboys everywhere, and the opinion of Apple too it seemed as the Cupertino collective stated that "a small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices, we have found a few bugs that are affecting battery life and we will release a software update to address those in a few weeks." We're still waiting for a decent fix though...Read More.

apple finds battery life bugs in ios 5 image 1

"We would not tolerate Counterfeits 'R' Us on the High Street - if we want economic growth, we cannot accept illegal rip-off sites on the internet either," said the CEO of the BPI, Geoff Taylor. "We hope that BT will do the right thing and block The Pirate Bay." It didn't - but later on in the month Google removed multiple file sharing websites from its search engine. Sites like The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, 4Shared and Torrentreactor, along with many others, no long appeared in Google Instant or auto-complete searches. The web, it is a changing. Read More.

bt asked to block the the pirate bay image 1

Comic book hero that is. A book dedicated to the life of the late Apple CEO was released digitally, and was available on Android as well as iOS devices. Steve Jobs: Co-founder of Apple, hit the Comixology Comics application for both operating systems and was a 32-page look at the man's many achievements in biographical form. A graphic novel version of the book was also available, as were Kindle and Nook ebooks. We can't wait for the Robert Rodriguez movie adaptation. Read More.

steve jobs tribute comic now available on android image 1

"I get up when I want, except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by the Google Street View trike." Not an actual lyric from Blur's 90s classic, but we're sure it would have been had Damon Albarn been born 15 years or so later than he was. And that's because the Big G went off-road to bring us its latest Street View escapade - this time into some of the world's green and pleasant lands. That's right, we're talking parks. Six of them in fact, spanning three continents. Read More.

google street view adds some park life image 1

The Big G also had time in November to get the decorators in for a little Gmail spruce up. In came customisable page sizes, new density options, streamlined conversations and access to profile pics. And out went our ability to navigate it without issue. That came back though luckily. Read More.

gmail redesign goes live along with new google reader image 2

One Gmail success story and one major cock-up. After waiting for ages for the Gmail app for iPhone to turn up, it finally arrived on 2 November. Only to be pulled hours later as it contained a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message when opening the app. It was back again 16 days later though. Its story has been a real rollercoaster of emotions, with highs and lows; tears and laughter; all culminating in an eventual rebirth - a little bit like a phoenix, but without the crispy bird. Read More.

gmail app for iphone and ipad pulled from app store image 1

At last, after months, nay years, of speculation Video on demand giant Netflix finally confirmed that it was coming to these shores, with a UK service all set for an early 2012 launch. And it's got some big players on board; MGM, ITV, Lionsgate and the BBC amongst others. Lovefilm is on the ropes, we'll see if it comes out punching next year. Read More.

netflix uk launch looking serious with mgm and itv talks image 1

It had been on the cards for month but November was the month when Kal-El finally got real. No, not that Kal-El, but the codename for Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip. The new Nvidia mobile processor features the first quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU designed to bring the maximum level of power and performance to a mobile device, with a fifth companion core for things like video and low power applications. Sound boring? Okay then, how does - beefy power, super graphics and low battery use on your gadgets sound? Good, we know. Read More.

nvidia tegra 3 brings quad core power to mobile devices image 1

It looks as if Steve Jobs was right after all. Remember the open letter that the late Apple CEO penned back in April 2010? Amongst other things Jobs said: "Flash was designed for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers" and that "Flash is closed and proprietary, has major technical drawbacks, and doesn’t support touch based devices". In November, Adobe finally agreed. Read More.

adobe flash for mobile is dead image 1

Everyone likes a birthday suit and Sky's HD boxes are no different. To celebrate 10 years of Sky+, the satellite broadcaster commissioned limited edition designs for its 1TB Sky+HD box from 10 different designers, including a saucy Agent Provocateur one. Read More.

sky celebrates 10 year anniversary of sky with designer 1tb hd boxes image 1

Tried and failed we should say as the Kobo Vox hasn't exactly been met with much love. We all know of the hot Amazon product that it bears similarities too, but that's a Fire that Kobo is clearly not yet ready to burn. Read More.

whsmith unleashes kobo vox tablet to steal amazon s fire image 1

iTunes Match finally tuned in in the States (it would hit the UK a few weeks later) bringing you a one stop solution to all those dodgy tunes that you pinched from Limewire back in the 90s. The idea is that it checks the songs you have in iTunes and then instantly backs those tracks up in the cloud. Any music with a match is automatically added to iCloud for you to listen to anytime, on any iDevice, and Apple says that, with 20 millions songs available, it should have most of what you’ve got. It's proved a bit hit and miss to be honest. Read more.

itunes match now live in the us image 1

Step aside Star Wars, take a walk Lord of the Rings and do one Harry Potter - there's only one entertainment franchise that can claim to be the most successful of all time and it's the third Modern Warfare instalment. It shifted an astronomical 6.5 million copies in the UK and the US on launch day alone meaning $400 million in revenue in just 24 hours. Ker-ching indeed. Read More.

call of duty modern warfare 3 smashes records with 400 million sold image 1