When will Angry Birds fever loosen its grip on the people of planet earth, let the world forget all about killing green pigs and allow us to return to a sense of non-Mighty Eagle powered normality? Never, it seems.

The latest instalment from Rovio, the Christmas themed levels of Angry Birds, is now available on a number of platforms, including the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome's version isn't the Deck the Halls Holiday episodes that iOS, Android, Mac and Symbian^3 users are enjoying, but 25 daily new wintry levels of Season's Greedings.

You need to be logged into Google to get the new levels but, once you have, you can also unlock a bevy of antagonized avian extras. On today's level (5 December) there is an unlockable microsite on offer courtesy of Samsung and Rovio.

This includes the Angry Birds advent challenge, the chance to participate in a competition to win Samsung Galaxy devices, a funny new video and the ability to send Angry Birds themed holiday e-cards. Because nothing says Joyous Noel more than an Angry Birds e-card.

"It’s so good to team up with Rovio again. Samsung has had a brilliant year and our Galaxy devices are popular all over the world, so to be able to launch a holiday experience inside the most popular mobile game in the world, is awesome" said Samsung's YH Lee.

It seems YH Lee has the Angry Birds flu. It's not surprising really - it is spreading at a rapid rate; 500 million downloads so far on all platforms. Your only chance, should you not be affected ,is to lock yourself in a dark room with no Wi-Fi or 3G access.

You'll have to miss Christmas but it will be worth it in the long run.