UK retailer Gamestation has built a nativity scene using popular gaming icons, in order to properly represent the true meaning of Christmas; a sackful of top games titles and a new console or two to keep the kids quiet.

Each part in the nativity was chosen by polling over 30,000 Gamestation customers. They had to choose who would take on specific roles, including, naturally, Mary, Joseph and the little baby Jesus. And while there are some obvious omissions and the lack of a favourite or two, pretty much all of the biggest characters in gaming are involved.

The baby Jesus is played by Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Mary is Princess Zelda, and Joseph is Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War franchise. Obi Wan Kenobi (yeah, we know), Mario and Solid Snake are the three wise men, and Yoshi and Sonic the Hedgehog are the donkeys/random animals.

Gamestation's head of UK PR, Neil Ashurst, states: “For gamers, Christmas is a time of great excitement and anticipation as they rush to the tree to find out what games they will be playing while everyone else watches re-runs of boring old films and shows on the TV. The Gamestation nativity scene celebrates Christmas in a way that is relevant to the gaming generation."

We suspect that there may be a few out there that disagree, but isn't Christmas all about peace and love to all men? Including those that give the surrogate father of Jesus a Lancer Assault Rifle.

Pocket-lint's game related Christmas carols...

Little Donkey Kong

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Christians aQuake salute the Happy PWN

Er... That's it!

Can you think of any more game-related Christmas carols? If so, let us know what they are in the comments below...