Today’s App of the day might only cost £2.29 in the UK, but to make full use of it you’re also going to have to own an Xbox 360 console and the Kinect sensor too. Still if you’ve got those then this is the latest app for you. 

Windows Phone 7

Kinectimals, as the name suggests, is a mobile version of the Microsoft Kinect game that came out in 2010.

For those not aware of the title, you look after a cub, teach it tricks, stroke it, and love it like you would any pet.

To say that the game is pointless, would be the point of the game. Little happens, but then that’s the idea and like a episode of Seinfeld you find it is a good way to zone out for 20 minutes on the train.

Once you’ve chosen your cub (sorry bears aren’t supported), you head off to the play area where you run through a series of challenges to earn you money. More money means more cash to spend and then that means you can accessorize or buy toys to play with.

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As the game progresses you get to unlock different areas of the map which present new challenges.

Where it gets clever however is that if you own an Xbox 360 and the Kinect sensor you can transfer your cub to your console when you get home and carry on playing.

To do this all you need to do is select whether you are transferring from or to the Microsoft console and follow the instructions.

For transfer to, the app creates a QR code that you show in a certain area in the Xbox 360 version of the game. That then tells the game your cubs settings and history and within a second or two you can carry on playing on your big TV at home.

No plugging anything in, no silly settings, just a case of showing your console your phone. It is very clever.

Likewise you can take your cub with you when you head out – idea for the car entertaining the kids – again by this time taking a photo within the app of the QR the Xbox 360 produces. Failing that you can also enter a code too.

That ability to carry on playing after you get home, or after you head out is really impressive.

As for the game itself you are either going to love it or hate it. It is not going to be for everyone and if you are more into killing things or driving fast this definitely isn’t going to be for you. Still for those that just want a pet to stroke and tickle, if you’ve got the above set up, this is well worth a play.