Football Manager 2012 is now available for PC and Mac (iOS version before Christmas), and with it comes a mighty swathe of new features. One specific, major change is the ability to add inflection to player interaction and team talks through new menu choices, but imagine if you could give the team talk yourself, for real.

Siri on the iPhone 4S and Ford's SYNC in-car system are two impressive examples of voice recognition being very effective in the real world. They are both able to understand massive databases of commands, and are accurate even with quickly delivered speech. So, could that technology be applied to games and, specifically, Football Manager?

Pocket-lint exclusively spoke to Miles Jacobson, studio director for developer Sports Interactive, and while he's sceptical as to whether anybody would use Siri or voice control to bark commands at the game, he won't rule it out:

"At the moment, I find the suggestion of adding voice recognition utterly ridiculous. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future," he told us.

"When you’re playing Football Manager it’s bad enough that you actually cheer at the screen, right? You get funny looks when you do that. Can you imagine if you were talking to your computer quite how ridiculous you would look?

"Are you going to have a new rule in there where you have to wear a suit for the cup final, or else you get a question about it in the press conference?"

But, embarrassment aside, Sports Interactive has embraced new ideas for its hugely successful franchise in the past:

"I haven’t tried using Siri. It’s not something that appeals to me personally," he said. "But, if somebody told me 10 years ago that we’d be having a 3D match engine, I would’ve laughed at that as well. So, who knows what the future holds?"

Jacobson also told us that there was another new feature planned for this year's edition, Football Manager 2012, that would've seemed strange previously:

"There were conversations that we had this year with satellite navigation companies about a feature that we wanted to add that didn’t end up going in. And, again, if you’d asked me about that a few years ago I would’ve laughed.

"That may well be in next year," he added.

Never say never then, it seems.

Do you think that Siri would be a good feature for Football Manager? Let us know in the comments below...

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