It's refreshing to note that, after a swathe of brand new phone and technology company announcements, including the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the Motorola Droid RAZR and Apple's third quarter financial results, there are some that are tackling the real issues faced in the world.

Those kind, thoughtful few are the team behind Football Manager 2012; and the problem is footy manager slippage.

You see, slippage is a common issue in the life of a football manager. Whether it be Sir Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalglish or a young buck like Andre Villas-Boas, a quick dash from the dugout onto a grass patch next to the pitch can be massively perilous - almost as much as, say, walking on a laminated floor in just your socks, or stepping out of the shower without the aid of a rubber backed bathroom mat.

After all, who wants to see a figure of such great authority fly through the air onto his backside in such undignified a manner. Who would feel anything else but pity and hurt at Sam Allardyce careening into a tray of water bottles and skidding across the turf on his ample rump?

Therefore, the need for Sho'ots (a cross between a shoe and a football boot) has never been greater. Certainly, ex-England manager Graham Taylor thinks so: "I can see these catching on, they are so comfortable and look great," he said, while modelling a pair. "The new shoes are a real reflection of how managers are evolving - combining style with the practicality that the modern manager needs. Wearing a suit on the sidelines helps retain the respect needed to run a modern club but it’s important that British football managers never leave pitch side. We can’t be too aloof and sit in the stands. Wearing the Sho’ots allows managers to be influential in the game while keeping their feet firmly on the ground."

And, not once did he say, "do I not like that!"

Football Manager 2012 is out this Friday (21 October) for PC and Mac, and will be available in stores, both online and high street, and on Steam.

Pocket-lint will be publishing a full, extensive Football Manager 2012 review soon.

Do you think your team's manager should wear a pair of Sho'ots? Or do you have any other examples of manager slippage? Let us know in the comments below...