Duke Nukem Forever developer Gearbox has asked for player feedback on its less than well received game. 

The title that almost never was, finally made its way onto shop shelves after no less than 15 years of development time. What was supposed to be ground breaking actually left players with a dull, drab and outdated game. 

Gearbox clearly wants to know why, and has launched a time limited survey for those who fancy pointing it in the right direction. 

The humour in the game was particularly controversial, many saying it felt like a leftover from the last decade. The survey includes questions such as "Do you like tongue-in-cheek and/or base humour in video games?" and "Do you like games with mature content such as nudity, references to sex or sexuality, and/or mature humour?" Clearly Gearbox is interested in how many people found the game's funny side... well, not funny. 

Fair play to Gearbox, it is clearly taking a look at what went wrong, and doing it very publicly so it can, we hope, make something better of the Duke franchise in the future. 

We all want to see Nukem return to his former glory and Gearbox is definitely more than capable of doing it. It just needs to start fresh and not be dealing with a game that has had more developers than hot dinners. 

Feedback on Duke? Did you play it?