As you might imagine, at Pocket-lint we get a lot of post on a daily basis. But one package piqued our interest enough that we wanted to share it with you.

In an unassuming white box lay a horror that, if we were any younger, would have sent us crying to mummy.

You see, we have been sent a dead angry bird, its stuffing ripped out and a card featuring a picture of a fish punching the air, wearing a bandana and ammo belt with the message:

"Don’t F**k with the Fish".

In the background, blurred out, looks to be a level from the Angry Birds game with a pig in a building and a big red Angry Bird on the floor having missed its target.

The only other reference on the card is the #FishofFury.  

dead angry bird delivered to pocket lint with note saying don t f k with the fish  image 4

After some attempts at detective work, we’ve turned up a blank. The comments to the hashtag seem to have no connection with our package, and at the moment, a search for Fish of Fury in Google leads us to a site detailing a rather complicated move in Warhammer.

Going to brings back a website that is still being built, there is no connection with the style of the fish in our box and the style of the creative on the website.

That leads us to guess what the parcel, akin to waking up and finding a dead horse on our pillow, means.

Could Rovio be about to launch a fish-based game? Is just a fish-based level coming to Angry Birds? Or have the birds found a new evil nemesis to attack?

We will keep you posted, once we’ve come out of the weeks of therapy required to get over this ghastly sight. Sadly Mrs Pocket-lint wasn't able to revive our dead friend. 

UPDATE: Thanks to some detective work from one of our readers - Eddie Tse (@EddYTTse) - we've found the Fish of Fury twitter account, and that's lead us to what appears to be the official website for Legends of the Fish of Fury. 

On the website we get the following:

"Those furious fish are just itching to make a splash! Who will be the King of the Ocean? Fight your way through eight furiously fishy opponents in this aquatic battle game as you make your way towards the ultimate showdown with the evil Emperor V fish, the most fearsome fish fighter who ever lived! Do you have what it takes to fight those furious fishes and come out on top?

"The Legend of the Fish of Fury allows you to swipe and tap your way to glory against some of the most slippery customers ever to enter the battle! It’s the ultimate touch-screen fighting game on the iPhone and iPad! Battle your way through dozens of increasingly furious opponents as you master the fish-tastic, intuitive controls that allow for the most fluid fighting moves yet seen on the touch-screen!

"Legend of the Fish of Fury features a unique, one-handed gameplay system that allows you to punch, kick, block and move just by swiping or tapping the screen – all with one hand! The result is the fastest, most furious hand-to-hand combat seen on any touch-screen platform so far! Drown yourself in a world of watery combat and flatten those furious fish quick - before they flatten you!"

There's also a video:

That then leads us to the developers T-Enterprise, which turns out to be a UK app developer, with no apparent connection to Rovio, sadly. 

It seems we've been a victim of some over zealous teaser campaign and it's not Rovio's next big game to follow Angry Birds. You can excuse our confusion however, especially as the company is using images of Angry Birds and one of the company's plush toys to promote its app.  

Those pesky kids...

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