Counter Strike, the mouse clicking, headshot gathering bonanza that has caused many a PC gaming fanatic to throw keyboards out of windows, is finally making a comeback.

Just announced is Counter Strike: Global Offensive which represents the first major software revamp for the series in 7 years. 

Don't expect many gameplay changes though, from what we can see in the videos released, it looks like graphics have seen the overhaul. This is good for the purists as Counter Strike already has its gameplay nailed so perfectly that it is difficult, even now, not to enjoy a good ol' fashioned headshot sesh.

There is, however, plenty more maps, meaning new shooting playgrounds to enjoy. Also mentioned is cross platform PC and Mac play as well as all new game modes and weapons. 

We have got to be honest; we didn't see this one coming, especially given all the current excitement surrounding Battlefield 3 and the new COD. Expect plenty Counter Strike fans to be doing backflips about the announcement, it was about time one of gamings most loved franchises got an update.

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