World of Warcraft, the hour-sapping online MMORPG, now has its own special mouse designed specifically for the game. 

The SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse Legendary Edition features 11 programmable buttons, a super high up to 3200 counts per inch and an adjustable polling rate.

Maintaining the PC accessory tradition of having more flashing lights than the Borg, the Legendary Edition mouse has no less than 16.8 million colour settings and "four levels of pulsation".

We're not sure exactly how this will make you better at World of Warcraft, but it is good to know you have a mouse capable of putting on a portable rave if need be.

What will help with your WoW exploits however, are the levels of integration the mouse has with the game. You can assign macros directly to the mouse from within the games interface or assign more than 130 pre-made actions to the 11 keys.

The mouse is both Mac and PC compatible, priced in at 69 euros (we don't have UK pricing yet) and is set to go on sale in late September.