For those not yet familiar with the world of Arma here is a brief explanation. Imagine Call of Duty, ramp the difficulty factor up to ten and then stick in Battlefield's vehicular combat; that is what Arma is all about.

The games have been created by the team behind the original (and brilliant) Operation Flashpoint series and feature the same ultra realistic approach to warfare that is unlike many other pieces of software.

Arma 2 had its problems, namely it required a beast of a PC to run and the AI, at times, would go completely bonkers, but it has found a serious fan club amongst those looking for a hardcore realistic shooter to play. 

Right now Battlefield 3 has the crown for the best looking yet-to-be-released FPS, but one glance at the level of detail in these Arma 3 screens has us definitely impressed. It remains to be seen however, how exactly the game will run on a conventional home computer.

Bohemia Interactive has also gone and added water-based combat to the new Arma game, this means you can swim, drive and even dive in submarines. 

It all looks very exciting and has us gamers over at the Pocket-lint Towers prepping our PC rigs for a graphical blast.