Just about everyone who owns a decent smartphone will at some point in their lives have had a play on Angry Birds. The application has been downloaded nearly 140 million times and is the biggest selling app of all time.

Mobile gaming is set to take home $8 billion dollars this year, making it a massively profitable market. Things like low overheads, easy development and a growing female gamer market mean plenty of new designers are being drawn to the smartphone as a platform. 

Clearly the mobile phone has now gone way beyond the glory days of Snake II, instead transforming itself into a console and handheld alternative, while enticing new types of gamers along the way.

Mobile phone speed test website Geekaphone has put together this juicy little infographic to clear up any doubt smartphone sceptics might be having. There are plenty of interesting stats in there, a few choice cuts being a 53 per cent female market of mobile gaming and 51 per cent of the top 25 grossing app store games being free.

mobile infographic shows smartphone gaming s ultra success levels image 2