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(Pocket-lint) - Happy mining miners! Get your mine on with this super safe handy foam pickaxe from ThinkGeek. Keep forgetting things? Why not try these sticky note cubes..handy to help keep track of mining, or remind you of mining if you miss it. 

ThinkGeek and Mojang's Minecraft collaboration continues, first this pretty amazing set of t-shirts, now a scale version of the games pickaxe. Designed to go along the sticky note cube, the 'axe won't chop through much but makes a decent desktop ornament. 

You could have a go at real-life mining with it if you fancied, but unfortunately reality dictates that digging is not done in blocks. Expect real amounts of blood, sweat and tears required if you are hunting for that elusive obsidian.

Head over to ThinkGeek's Minecraft page to check out all their merchandise. Personally we like the fridge magnets, which unlike the t-shirt or giant foam pickaxe, don't reveal too much about your inner geek.

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