Hye Yeon Nam wanted to give her friends that were getting married a special treat, something that would make them want to kiss each other more. It’s that goal that forced her to create the kissing controller.

“The Kinect is about about motion, this is about emotion,” the new games developer tells us when we stopped by at E3 to see what mad contraption she had made.

A phd student studying digital media and computer science at Georgia Intstitute of Technology, Nam, born in Korea and now living in the US, created the game that currently works on her Mac as a gift, but after the married couple and the wedding guests thought that it was such good fun, she has been developing it further hoping to get investment.

kissing controller tongue your way to victory image 2

The kissing controller works by one player wearing a sensor on their tongue, while a second player wears what is best described as a brace that sits either side of edge of their mouth that has two sensors monitoring the movement of the sensor on the tongue.

The idea of the game is to move the sensor on the tongue between the two sensors on the brace kissing your partner for around 10 seconds. At the end of the 10 second French kiss, the computer calculates your movements and then translates that into controlling a bowling ball on screen at a bowling alley. The better you kiss, the more chance you have of getting a strike.

kissing controller tongue your way to victory image 4

If that sounds crazy, that’s because it is, although Nam has high hopes for the idea whether that’s from mainstream publishers or the porn industry. However at $400 to make and software that isn’t really ready for primetime, we suspect it will be sometime before your gaming buddy asks you for a snog to help them complete a level.