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(Pocket-lint) - To celebrate the launch of Duke Nukem Forever on 10 June, Gearbox has created a browser game for adults that allows to go head to head with a bevvy of beauties who will strip if they lose.

Available in both NSFW and SFW versions, with the former going all the way (to topless, at least), the game is hosted on the aptly titled Boob Tube. It is also joined by other branded entertainment, such as a Duke Nukem alien autopsy video, a Hall of Hotness (essentially a Hot or Not homage), and a teaser for a sound board of specific effects for the iPad and iPhone (coming 26 May).

The Duke Nudem game itself features four different models who compete against you in a browser shooting gallery. If you win, you're offered a downloadable wallpaper of them with their tops off. There really isn't anything more to it that than, to be honest, but we can see even that might stoke the fire of some Internet forums and lobby groups.

You might find that you have trouble logging onto the site itself (www.boob-tube.eu/duke-nudem/) as, due to its popularity today, it keeps going down on us. Fnar, missus.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.