It’s Easter this week and that, obviously, means an egg-filled update to Angry Birds Seasons.

Rovio, the makers of the popular game - which, by now, you’ll either love or hate with a passion - is continuing the line of its seasonal updates, bringing the same tried and tested Angry Birds format but with largely graphical twists.

This time it's all about Easter eggs, natch, with new levels, new painted eggs, and new challenges to keep you going for a little bit longer.

After all, with so many days off in the next 2 weeks (well for us Brits anyway - thanks Will and Kate) this should help whittle away some of that bored down-time you find yourself with once work becomes a distant memory.

So what do you get? Well, 15 new levels, a new theme to fit the mood and golden eggs a-plenty.

The app is now live in the app store. Eggs-citing!

Ahem... Sorry.

Do you still love Angry Birds or are you fed up of it? Let us know in the comments below.