Think that you're pretty good at Angry Birds? Have you got 3 stars on all the levels, and have managed to find all of the hidden golden eggs? Good, good. Well done.

But did you beat 2,599 other players to become the first ever Angry Birds champion? No, you didn't. But 19-year-old Jonas Koivula did.

Koivula was one of 32 finalists, from the original entry load of 2,600, that made it to the first Angry Birds Championship which was held in Helsinki, Finland recently.

The contest took place on a Nokia N8 handset and was beamed up on to a big screen (it was a very Finnish affair), and the finals line-up included a boyfriend and girlfriend couple (both finished in the top 8) and a 6-year-old boy who used his dad's smartphone to hone his skills.

There were a couple of Finnish celebs on hand to give the event some glamour and it was hosted by Finnish popstar Kristiina Wheeler.

Each competitor played four levels, with their total points tally pitted against a rival's in a round-robin format.

Champion Koivula won himself a Nokia N8 and a trip to Hollywood. But even better than that he won Pocket-lint's respect. Well played sir, well played indeed.

Someone bake this man a cake.

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