It just wouldn't be right if Pocket-lint let a finely crafted Angry Birds cake slip past without presenting it for the whole world to oggle at. After all, it's one of our basic food groups here on the Lint.

And this is one of the finest specimens in AB bakery that we've seen to date.

Created to celebrate Croatian radio DJ Tome's (@dj_tome) birthday, and tweeted about on his own Twitter feed, we are especially fond of the added iPhone 4 as the centrepiece to the cake. We bet it got a better reception than usual though (sigh).

You can also check out DJ Tome's day job on either 057 Radio in Croatia every Sunday night (''The Blue Room''), or weekly on LDBK Internet radio station (''Sound 360''). He also has his own page on music site

As for the cake, it's probably all gone by now. Catapult and all.

Amongst all the iPad 2 shenanigans, an Angry Birds cake