The long-awaited sequel to the hit Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac game Portal hits the UK on 22 April 2011 and ThinkGeek is one step ahead of the game offering a new themed hoodie.

Portal 2 is essentially much more of the same third-person puzzling adventure, but with two-person co-operative online multiplayer added, and you can now sit there playing it dressed as a Test Candidate yourself.

For $59.99 (£36.95), the Portal Test Candidate Hoodie is available exclusively through ThinkGeek. It's 100 per cent cotton, comes in six sizes from small (36-inch chest) to XXXL (56-inch chest), and features the Portal character logo on the front, the words "Test Candidate" on the back.

Purchasers in the UK will have to pay a delivery charge of around $25 - $30 (£15.40 - £18.50) depending which courier company you choose (between DHL and UPS) and it must be remembered that there can also be a UK Customs charge on top, payable when it arrives.

Now, that's where a real portal would come in handy...