Gameloft is spinning an interesting deal for Dungeon Hunter 2, by giving fans a chance to knock the price down by voting on Facebook.

Called Fight the Price, the marketing team must have been working through the hours to come up with this one; basically the current price of Dungeon Hunter is £3.99, but by voting on the Gameloft Facebook page gamers can knock the price down by 50p for every 2000 votes - down to a minimum of 59p for 24 hours on 12 March. However this does mean that the last 2000 votes will only be worth 40p.

The release also states that: "Participants can score extra votes for the cause by following us [Gameloft] on Twitter and retweeting our specially-tagged event posts. They can even score 10 extra votes by posting a video response to our YouTube video. Participants are allowed to make use of all three voting methods once per day."

Our cynical side tells us that Gameloft will easily recoup any losses by the fact that many more people will end up downloading the game, but a good deal is a good deal, so if you're a fan of Gameloft, and the game, it's definitely worth doing.

Start voting on 4 March and keep it up until 11 March when the final discounted price will be announced, before opening the sale up to everyone on 12 March.