Microsoft has confirmed what we already exclusively told you last week: Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone 7.

While the fact that Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone 7 is old news, the company has “got it’s game on” and announced a series of other classics like Doodle jump are coming to the platform:

“Flock yeah! Angry Birds, the smash-hit smartphone game, is headed for Marketplace—and that’s just for starters,” says Michael Stroh, one of the Microsoft blogging team for Windows. 

Other games confirmed include Doodle Jump, Plants vs Zombies, Hydro Thunder Go, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I, and geoDefense. 

The six games will start arriving on April 6.

But before those arrive there are other treats in store. Fable Coin Golf  will be launching in March exclusively on Windows Phone 7. The game “draws upon the wealth of traditional British pub games and lets you transfer gold earned in the game to your “Fable III” game on either Xbox 360 or Windows,” says Microsoft. In addition, you can unlock three exclusive weapons that can be used in the Traitor’s Keep game add-on.

UPDATE: Microsoft has got in touch to say that Michael Stroh got the dates wrong for the launch of Angry Birds et al. Now instead of the 6 April, Microsof is simply stating "Spring" for the release of the games. 

We will keep you posted.