Angry Birds is getting so popular it's starting to affect animated stars like Roadrunner, Woody the Woodpecker and Big Bird, or so this public service announcement would have us believe. 

"Now is the time to break down the barriers between us," says Big Bird in the College Humour spoof that also features a Disney version of Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh and Donald Duck. 

It's all in aid of helping those affected by the "Angry Birds war that to date has seen 1 billion young birds and pigs losing their lives in the conflict."

How can you help? But donating money, of course, to help those affected by the conflict; allowing birds to learn how to fly and pigs to be re-homed in Farmville instead.

Harrowing and tear jerking, for sure; but remember now is the time to "give these pigs and birds a replay at 3 star lives," as Roadrunner poignantly says at the end of the 2 minute commercial.

As the slogan at the end says "Make Love Not Omelettes."