Angry Birds for Android, currently only available in its add-supported form, will be available to enjoy in its paid-for version without the adverts within the month, says Rovio.

Rovio recently stated on its Twitter feed: “give us another month and we’ll be there”, in response to questions posed by the public as to when the paid-app would be available.

This follows the news, announced by Rovio in late 2010, regarding the launch of the Bad Piggy Bank, its own in-game payment model for Angry Birds on Android. Named the Bad Piggy Bank, it allows gamers to either remove the advertising that comes with the free version of the game, or buy the Mighty Eagle update.

The full-fat ad-supported version of Angry Birds was launched on the GetJar Android store in October 2010, and the free version has so far topped 50 million downloads world wide.