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(Pocket-lint) - Ladies and gentleman we present to you the Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel edition. If you thought that Duke couldn't get any tackier, think again.

In the collectors edition of the hotly anticipated game, which will land on 3 May, you'll not only get the game itself but also:


- Collectible bust of the greatest alien ass-kicker of all-time

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- Numbered, limited-edition certificate of authenticity

- 100-page hardcover book: The History, Legacy & Legend: Duke Nukem Forever Art from the Vault

- Duke Nukem Forever postcard series

- Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem sticker

- Duke Nukem Forever collectable comic book 

- Duke Nukem Forever foldable paper craft

- Duke Nukem Forever poker chips

- Duke Nukem Forever mini-card deck

- Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem dice

It's a funky little collection or perhaps a big collection of old toot - depending on your stance.

Chances are though, if you clicked into this story you're the kinda chap who likes politically incorrect anti-heroes who say things like: "You're an inspiration for birth control", and no doubt a lovely bust of the great man will sit well on your bookshelf.

Duke Nukem Forever is 14 years in the making. The game was first announced by 3D Realms in April 1997, with a mid-1998 release date touted for the Duke Nukem 3D follow-up. But it's taken until 2011 for it to become a reality.

There's no UK pricing as of yet for the Balls of Steel edition, but we're hearing whispers of a $99.99 price-tag Stateside. It will be out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 3 May.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.