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(Pocket-lint) - Classic ZX Spectrum game Jet Set WIlly is coming to Apple's App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on 14 February as a stand-alone game. And it might just be the first title to be compatible with the forthcoming relaunched ZX Spectrum.

Before the end of 2011, Elite Systems, one of the leading publishers of Speccy games back in the computer's heyday, is planning to reintroduce the ZX Spectrum before Sir Clive Sinclair's original celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2012. However, from what Pocket-lint understands, contrary to reports elsewhere, it won't be a computer or games console that you can attach to your TV. Instead, it will be a Bluetooth keyboard that can pair with an iOS device, and will therefore be used to control the company's titles in as authentic a way as possible.

Elite already has the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and it offers in-app purchases of games packs, including a Software Projects compilation that contains Jet Set Willy prequel, Manic Minor. And while all of its Speccy titles feature the company's proprietary iDaptive on-screen controls, the games would be easier to play with an external controller.

jet set willy coming for iphone and ipad relaunched zx spectrum could work as bluetooth controller image 3

Also lending weight to the argument that the new ZX Spectrum will be a wireless device to hook up to an iPhone or iPad, the publisher suggests that Jet Set Willy and the like would be better played on a TV by using Apple's own TV-out cables. It is unlikely, therefore, that it will have its own video output capabilities.

"Elite will be relaunching the Sinclair ZX Spectrum," the publisher confirms.

And that, "the republishing of Matthew Smith’s signature game Jet Set Willy, along with the exploration of support for wireless keyboards, is all part of our preparation."

We rest our case.

For now though, be sure to check out Jet Set Willy from Monday, it's a genuine classic. It'll cost £1.19 on iTunes, regardless of what version, iPhone or iPad. An in-app purchase for the existing ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection is planned to follow.

What do you think? Stand-alone computer or Bluetooth keyboard? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.