Rovio has confirmed that its hugely popular title, Angry Birds, will be hitting both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii "later this year".

The confirmation came in a reply tweet to 3DS-centric blog, 3DS Focus, and Rovio also stated that it hopes to bring all versions of the game (original, Seasons and the forthcoming Rio) to the Nintendo consoles.

And, speaking of Rio, the Angry Birds secret level reveal (that we told you would be happening last week) took place during an advert for the computer animated movie during the Super Bowl in America on Sunday (which the Green Bay Packers won, by the way).

The advert showed an Angry Birds sketch on a wooden crate (at 26 seconds in) with the mysterious golden egg alongside the words "13-12".

Now, the advert doesn't tell you how to access the secret level, but there are instructions online if you want to have a go yourself (apparently you have to go to level 13-12, shoot a white bird backwards and then drop an egg).

We've not tried yet, as Pocket-lint bossman doesn't allow flippant Angry Birds play during work hours.

Finally, if that wasn't enough Angry Birds goodness for 1 day, Rovio released yet more levels for the original game over the weekend with 15 new ones for iOS fans and an additional 30 for Android fans (so the two formats are almost in-line now) with the extra challenges coming in the Ham 'Em High western themed chapter.

You can grab Angry Birds in the App Store, or via GetJar if you're on Android.