Gameloft, purveyor of iOS games which are as brilliant as they are unoriginal, has taken the bold step of offering its newest title, Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, for free in the App Store.

But there's a catch - you'll only get a taster of the game's full repertoire, and you'll need to pay £3.99 via an in-app purchase to unlock the whole shebang.

Pocket-lint contacted our Gameloft chums to get the rundown as to how this will affect its revenue share with Apple, and whether this will become common place across all of its games. And the answers we were given were as so:

It won't affect the revenue sharing deal at all, although Gameloft insist it is not part of Apple's new subscription platform and the French publisher states that it will trial the new business model for a few games before deciding upon anything permanent.

Hmmmm, intriguing stuff - and to think, Apple blocked the Sony Reader app with Sony claiming the knock-back was as a result of in-app purchases.

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden hits the App Store on 3 February, and will cost you begin with at least.