Klipsch has announced the arrival of its first ever gaming earphones - the Klipsch ProMedia InEar.

Now, usually gaming headphones are bulky affairs, with neon lights and metal galore - but the ProMedia InEar buds are, as you'd probably guessed from the name, of the in-ear variety - although they've still got a black and red look that'll fit in with your Alienware machine.

The device features a single-button microphone for easy taunting of your rivals and the cables are both robust for when you're jumping around celebrating a goal/kill, and also discreet so as you can keep them hidden when chatting away on Skype.

The ProMedia has patented oval ear tips which, unlike circular-shaped ear tips, should fit your ear canals better.

These tips also have "superior noise isolation" on board and there's a powerful custom transducer in each ear piece, which uses an 8.5mm driver and moving coil technology with a dual-magnet motor structure.

Out now, the Klipsch ProMedia InEar gaming earphones will cost you a penny shy of £90.