Playing Angry Birds on your iPhone or Android device was the fad of 2010, and it seems as if the little chirpers are going to continue their worldwide domination in 2011, although not in a conventional way.

Because 2011 has already seen a sharp rise in an activity that first kicked in last year - baking Angry Birds cakes.

First up was Anya Richardson with her Angry Birds birthday cake, and that was followed by Kelly Williams' effort that started doing the web rounds earlier this week.

But now, we've seen what we think has to be the pick of the bunch - an almighty array of cupcakes, with incredible detail from non-professional baker Bobbie Alice, who has been tweeting about her baking prowess over the last few hours.

They are all in aid of "the little man" for his birthday - we're guessing Bobbie means her son, and not a Oompa-Loompa she's keeping hostage.

Best Angry Birds cakes so far? We think so, yes.

Update: Bobbie has got in touch with us to say "Yes my little man is my son Zac, he does slightly resemble a Oompa-Loompa." Sounds like an elaborate cover up to us. Someone call Willy Wonka.