One of the best pieces of unofficial Angry Birds merchandise we've seen (if you can call it that) has always been Anya Richardson's Angry Birds birthday cake, which we covered back in November 2010. But now, pictures of another tasty vista of our ill-tempered feathered friends has popped up.

Twitter user Don Williams (@donrwilliams) posted a tweet heralding the undoubted cake-making talent of his wife, who has crafted a new, fine Angry Birds cake: "@RovioMobile cool #AngryBirds cake my wife made," he said, posting links to the pics.

He soon followed it up, after receiving congratulations from Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile, with: "thanks! Now meet my wife @kellywilli -- maker of my #AngryBirds BD cake."

According to her profile, Kelly Williams, who baked the tasty treat, is also a karate expert, so we doubt that anybody has anything bad to say about the end result. Thankfully, it's truly excellent anyway, so we're in the clear.

A big and hearty congrats to the Williams family from us at Pocket-lint, can we have a slice?

If you've seen any other home-made Angry Birds tomfoolery, let us know in the comments below...