We at Pocket-lint are massive fans of the games that French developer Gameloft throws out for our mobile devices - you can see that from the write-ups we've given during our App of the Day series.

But even as ardent fans, we have to admit that Gameloft likes to, shall we say, "borrow" from well-known titles when it comes to its game designs.

We don't think you need us to tell you what games Gangstar: Miami Vindication, GT Racing and Shrek Kart are similar to, and the latest Gameloft title, that is being teased via Facebook and YouTube has more than a slight Zelda-esque feel to it.

But Gameloft chief Michel Guillemot has dismissed the copycat criticisms. He said "The video game industry has always played around a limited number of themes. There is maybe one new idea a year.

"If a type of game is not available, then you should make it. The damaging thing is if you do a bad expression of a good idea".

So the next time you're playing N.O.V.A and you think you're just playing a HALO rip-off, just remember, it's only because of the "limited themes" available to the industry.