Before Palm smartphone owners get upset that they're being left out of the Angry Birds announcements today, Rovio has just announced that the webOS Christmas and Halloween editions of the game are now available to download from the Palm App Catalog for $1.99.

Posting on Twitter, @roviomobile said "Angry Birds Seasons submitted to Palm App Catalog! Get the game for your Palm Pre and Pixi today!" So there! You needn't feel ignored any more.

Angry Birds Seasons features all the levels from the Halloween special Angry Birds released at, er, Halloween, and includes an advent calender which allows the play of one Christmas-themed level of the game per day. As it's now the 10 December, that means there are ten levels that are immediately playable without having to wait.

The game also allows in-app purchases of the Angry Birds plush toys, and registration for the dedicated newsletter.